Gear demo: Red Witch Violetta Delay Pedal

Jon from gives us a rundown of the Violetta Delay from Red Witch.

The Violetta Delay is from the new Red Witch Original Chrome Series which takes the compact size and simplified experience of the Seven Sisters series Violet Delay and elaborates on this idea with more controls at your fingertips. The delay is a nice warm analog delay with a modulation control that allows you to generate vintage tape echo effects and the lithium ion battery means that you can charge for 4-6 hours via a 9v mains adapter and then use the pedal for weeks before needing to re-charge. The delay time as demonstrated in my video above ranges from country twanging slapback to 1000ms and I can’t think of a time I’ve ever needed a delay longer than that. The repeats control allows you to dial in a single repeat or at the other extreme some crazy self oscillation, you can make the pedal self oscillate without playing a note again as demonstrated above, I couldn’t resist. One thing I couldn’t demonstrate as I don’t have an expression pedal is that if you connect one you can change the repeats amount with it which adds another layer of versatility to this incredible little pedal. The modulation control is great for adding a little wow & flutter to your repeats to give it that vintage vibe of an old tape echo or you can really go wild and make everyone feel a little seasick.

Violetta has been voiced in the same manner as the great tape echos – the repeats roll the top end off as they decay. Increasing the delay length will add some analog fur to the sound (like the original BBD analog delays).

If you are looking for a small footprint warm analog Delay pedal you can’t go wrong with the miniature Violetta delay pedal and as I’ve said with my previous Red Witch Seven Sisters review, the lithium ion battery is a brilliant feature.

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